Let’s Have Another Go!

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It’s been 9 months since I last went Geocaching and posted on this blog. So where have I been?


Just after my lost post in July 2014 I lost my job at the placed where I worked at for 11 years. It was a shock but three weeks layer I managed to get myself some more work. I earn a lot less now than when I did last year and to make up the money I have to do as much overtime as I can, which is a big struggle when there is no overtime at all.
So that has meant Geocaching has gone out the window as I have no time and need to earn money to survive!

But for the next two weeks I’m on holiday! I’m not going anywhere so I’m going to do as much caching as I can (between looking for a better job). There are 640 Geocaches within a 10 mile radius of where I live so I aim to be doing a lot of cycling. I also have a spare travel bug so I will release it and we shall see where in the World it ends up.

I might even try and break my Geocaching streak of 12 days!

We shall see how I get on…..

Where In The World Is My Trackable?

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tnln geocoin goldI have a TNLN Geocoin which looks really good. It had disappeared for well over a year, but this year it was found and started moving!  I suspect that a cacher found the coin, forgot to log it,  kept or lost it for a year, and then dropped it in a cache somewhere else without logging it again.

I also have a Travel Dragon Geo Tag which was doing quite well, its seemed to have stalled in the hands of a  cacher who I will not name.  I have emailed him politely to ask if he can move it on and he said yes “next week I shall place in another cache”. Well, that was in April and I hasn’t moved yet!

Anyway, every time one of my Geocoins moves I shall try and find out something interesting about the location it has been placed in.

So where is my Geocoin at the moment?

Lyme Park House and Garden

It looks like a nice place to go and visit, especially with medieval deer!

Geocaching Streak…. Life Gets In The Way!

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It was a good try but I only managed 4 consecutive days Geocaching this time round!  The last time I tried a Geocaching streak in was in my summer holiday so I had plenty of time and even managed to get 5 DNFs in one day.

This time around I tried it during work time and, it didn’t work. I had a very busy day on Monday and had to stay at work until I’d finished everything. By the time I had caught up with everything I was in a foul mood and it was getting quite late. So I gave up!

Now that I’m back into the swing of things I’m going to keep on caching, but not every day… perhaps every other day instead!


Geocaching Streak Day 4… The Muggle In The Middle Of A Field

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It was about 2.30 Thursday afternoon when I got the Geocaching itch. I had a look at my cache & dash pocket query (caches with parking nearby) and saw on the map one geocache in the middle of nowhere looking lonely. I knew I had to go and find this cache so after work I had a nice drive to Cheddington.

Probably the most famous thing about Cheddington is that it’s near Bridego Railway Bridge which was where the Great Train Robbery took place.

Anyway I was close to GZ when a woman passed me with her two dogs, we said hello and I didn’t think anything of it. I spotted the cache and had a choice to make. Dive into the prickly hedge and get all caught up, or walk round the other side and just reach in and grab the cache. I chose the latter and as I was signing the log I spotted the woman again walking quite quickly towards me.

It turned out she was the landowner and wanted to know what I was doing as when I passed her I didn’t have a large tupperware box, and now I had! So I explained what Geocaching was showed her the app, my GPS, the contents of the cache, and we she went away quite interested.

That’s twice this week I’ve had to explain what I’m up to!  I’m not doing anything wrong it just seems I’m in the right place at the wrong time. I’m thinking I might see if there’s a leaflet or card I can give to people so it doesn’t look like I’m a terrorist or something!

Geocaching Streak Day 3… The Magnetic One!

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magnetic nanoToday, as soon as I finished work, I went for a nice drive to find the 3rd cache on my latest Geocaching streak. It was just a magnetic micro cache stuck onto a public footpath sign, so nothing really special. But there was a good view which made finding the cache worthwhile.

I don’t like going to caches that seem only exist because the owner can put one there. I would rather go to a cache with a good view, or an interesting reason behind it being there like it being a historical site or something like that.

Anyway this cache is part of a series of 16 caches in a 4 mile loop. I could come back and do the next part of the series for 11 more days if I want to beat my caching streak, but that would be boring. I managed to resist the temptation of finding a couple more caches just for fun, and I’ve decided to use this loop as a fallback if I have a couple of DNFs and need to find a cache quickly.

Tomorrow I’m thinking of trying to find one of the oldest caches in my pocket query, a cache that was hidden 10 years ago!

We shall see…

Day 2 Muggles At The Devils Bridge!

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When I got home yesterday I had a quick look on google maps and found out where I should have parked. So today I went to the right place and found myself about 300 feet from GZ.

ImageApparently the Earl of Bridgewater decided to sink the original medieval road (also known as the Roman Road or Spooky Lane) into a cutting, then he built the bridge over the top to avoid contact with the locals.  It looks ok during the day, but I’m not sure I’d want to go there at night!

The cache itself was in a hole in the wall by the bridge. It took me a while to get the right hole and as I was standing staring at the wall I was interrupted by somebody riding a horse.

I’ve found the best way to deal with muggles is to come clean and explain exactly what I’m doing. So when I was asked if I’d lost something I explained that I was Geocaching and somewhere in the wall was some tupperware! Luckily she’d heard a bit about caching and was really interested.

While we were chatting another rider pulled up and asked what was happening and it turned out she’d been caching with a friend once in a nearby town. It was then that I noticed something odd about one of the holes in the wall so I put my hand in and out came the cache. I showed them the log book, signed it, and we all went away happy!

Where will I end up tomorrow?

We shall have to wait and see…

Geocaching Streak Day 1, The One With The Bridge!

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bridgeThe 1st day of my Geocaching streak didn’t start too well. I was aiming for an old bridge in a village but I couldn’t find anywhere to park on the narrow roads. So I went for a bit of a drive and when I pulled over I found I was only 80 feet from another cache!

This was a guard-rail cache right by a very busy single lane bridge. It took me about 10 minutes to find the cache, sign the log, and re-hide it without anyone seeing me.

One of the cool things about caching is it takes you to places you to places you’ve never been before. But the weird thing is, I’ve been over this bridge hundreds of times and never been able to stop and have a look at the river. It was really pretty , very clear, and there were fish about a foot long swimming around in it.

Tomorrow I may go back and try to find the cache I was originally looking for.

We shall see how I get on…